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Brauerei Schroll
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-25 03:24:52
Yes, it means literally country/provincial beer, but it is brewed all over the place (though mainly in the country). It could also be called Bauernbier (Farmer's bier). You're right that the country connotations associated make it more... beery I suppose. If the posh people are drinking Pils from a flute in the city, the countryfolk are drinking their malty Maß of Landbier... but I think this is stretching it in generalisations. 

Many people find it frustrating that quite a few German beer categories are ambiguous and overlapping, it's a cliche that Kellerbier, Landbier, Vollbier, Lagerbier and even Zwickel and Ungespundet (which at least have specific meaning) are very hard to define, particularly when they are sitting in a Krug. Landbiers are normally filtered though. 

For a few years now, Schroll have brewed a Helles as well as the darker Landbier. You are right to be confused Dave, as it's called 'Helles' which is a style in itself. It's not called a 'Helles Landbier', therefore just meaning 'pale landbier', and given that Schroll are famous for the beer they call 'Landbier' as it's the style they've brewed for many years, I would suggest they have got this wrong. The cans are often generic to keep costs down, but normally there is a bottle lable stuck on so you can see the name, alcohol content etc. However, these can easily fall off - check in your box in case.  
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