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Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-04-17 04:08:55
I suspect that the world will begin to look rather different when this business is all over.  I don't think that Jason will be alone in being alarmed if Germany opens its borders quickly to any country that's not controlled C-19.  So that includes the non-EU countries of the UK (fully from the end of 2020) and the USA, both of whom look a million miles away from controlling the spread of the virus.  I'm not sure how Germany will cope with other EU countries, such as Italy (it's only a few hundred kms from the most infected area to Munich, for example) and Spain.

Travel has always been a massive part of my life and I'm really missing it.  It's only been a months since my ill-fated trip to Spain but it's hard even to dream of travelling now.  I'm told not to move out of my house for another 2 months - earliest  Still, it's a minor problem compared to those suffered by others, particularly the poorer sections of all our populations.

Take care and stay safe!

             Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Jason  on  2020-04-17 06:37:57
               Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Mark Andersen on  2020-04-17 06:41:00
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