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OT:Home delivery
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2020-04-02 12:46:38
I've taken to drinking wine more in the last few years. I never did like it in my younger days but grew an appreciation for it later in life to the point I even assembled a rack in my cellar that I keep fairly well stocked.  I definitely prefer red over white and reds from Tuscany and other parts of Italy like Puglia region are my favorites.  Although I always enjoy a nice Cabernet or Zinfadel from California.  

But I still and will always like beer much better for various reasons.  Speaking of beer seeing the beers you have received lately has got me looking into a delivery service here.  I'm quickly getting tired of the NE IPA's from my local breweries.  I mean it is New England and that's what we have here mostly but still I need a change.  Those Belgians you got sound appealing to me.  
                       OT:Home delivery by AndyH on  2020-04-03 00:57:55
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