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Biershop Bayern
Posted by TomM on 2020-03-21 09:46:32
This is another company that ships beer inside Germany and abroad. I had checked with them several months ago and it seemed they no longer shipped to the UK. However, looking at the website now it lists the UK under "Shipping". They deliver all over Europe.

I had ordered beer from them on three occasions in the past. Each time I went for the Mixpaket which contains 18 beers from one brewery. You get to pick the beers you want from their range. The beers seem to be shipped directly from the brewery and often contain promotional material and barmats. I found it fun to order from two breweries at the same time and then compare the beers of similar style against each other.

They offer beers from all parts of Bavaria.

Beers from Franken:
   Biershop Bayern by mikep on  2020-04-12 23:47:47
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