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Corona Bamberg brewpubs
Posted by Jason on 2020-03-18 04:10:11
This is also the case here, and even more in the UK (we're all at different stages of this virus, as far as how many we are testing). The UK and US seem to think that throwing money at it and making half arsed recommendations will cut it, which is systematic of poor leadership and not taking responsibility. Some pubs in the UK are full! Here Schlenkerla and Greifenklau are open until 15.00. I can't blame them, but this isn't the right way to go. People cannot obey rules that aren't there. And for those of us staying at home and only going out to food shop, when you see people out enjoying themselves, your first reaction is either a) sod it I'll join them or b) resentment. Especially as spring has arrived here and the weather is good for the first time in 6 months. Either way, it's not enough. 

What is most frustrating is that here you have a population that obeys rules in the main and have the support network (financially, no gig economy or zero hour contracts here that I know of) and the supply chain reliability to get through a quarantine period. In the UK,a lot of people cannot stop working for real fear of seriously going under financially.  

For now though, we're in the twilight zone here. 
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