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Corona Bamberg brewpubs
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2020-03-18 09:27:24
The death rate of this coronavirus is not 0.2%.  It is at least 2%.  it is not "flu" (which has a typical mortality rate of 0.1%).  

There is no stopping this virus spreading through the world's population at this point.  All the efforts now are to slow it down so that it does not overwhelm the healthcare system.  There are only so many hospital beds, ventilators, and staff.

           Corona Bamberg brewpubs by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-03-18 10:04:09
             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Mosquit on  2020-03-18 10:50:39
               Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jason on  2020-03-18 10:54:34
             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-03-18 10:54:52
                 Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Mark Andersen on  2020-03-18 12:05:44
           Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Andrew H on  2020-03-18 14:49:23
             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-03-18 19:07:26
             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by David Greenlee on  2020-03-19 01:08:21
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