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Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-03-19 05:28:27
No it's an Airbnb, owned by a really nice chap called Abel. It's hard to describe the stuff that he's provided, far and above that called for. I'm really sorry for him because Airbnb's policy is to refund all fees paid by renters, which means that he has lot 4 days rent from me and, of course, all his other renters have cancelled. He works at IKEA, which has closed and staff are not being paid, and he also works as a personal trainer &, of course, he can't do that under the present circumstances. Just an example that some people are really having it hard. So, did the supermarket yesterday, today it will be the pharmacy, before my host's father comes to take me to the airport. I've just checked, so it looks like the flight will operate - but I don't really want to go home! Sorry, Franken, as soon as it's possible, I'm coming back to Andalucia! Now, more importantly, I know about your health situation Andy, and hope that you are taking care of yourself. Best wishes.
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