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Corona Bamberg brewpubs
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-03-18 03:52:23
From the outside, it is difficult to assess the economic situation of breweries.

But I believe, Witzgall is in a good position. Such breweries have not to pay a rental fee and have and probably no debt. They mainly sell off ramp.

I have spoken with Stefan Zehender. They hve closed their brewpub totally..Not enough guests for lunch. Above all, it's about security - for the family members and the workers and the guests..

The Café Abseits closes this afternoon until further notice all day. Same ree. Same reasons as with Zehendner.
       Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-03-18 10:58:48
         Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jason on  2020-03-18 15:10:21
           Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-03-18 19:06:21
         Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2020-03-19 02:31:18
           Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-03-19 05:34:26
             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2020-03-19 05:50:02
             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jeff on  2020-03-19 10:14:22
               Corona Bamberg brewpubs by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-03-19 10:47:58
                 Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jason  on  2020-03-19 23:45:48
                 Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-03-20 02:39:50
               Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Mark Andersen on  2020-03-20 05:56:29
               Corona Bamberg brewpubs by AndyH on  2020-03-20 07:14:11
                 Corona Bamberg brewpubs by TomM on  2020-03-20 08:54:16
                   Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Andrew H on  2020-03-20 09:03:54
                   Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-03-20 10:26:26
                   Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jason  on  2020-03-20 13:10:24
                     Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-03-21 04:44:09
                     Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-21 07:31:27
                       Corona Bamberg brewpubs by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-03-21 09:18:34
                       Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jason on  2020-03-21 11:35:06
                         Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-21 12:36:16
                       Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-03-21 17:29:33
                           Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Jason on  2020-03-22 03:55:13
                         Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-22 07:10:24
                             Corona Bamberg brewpubs by AndyH on  2020-03-23 04:57:09
                   Corona Bamberg brewpubs by AndyH on  2020-03-23 05:06:18
                 Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-23 07:05:00
                 Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-23 07:12:16
                   Corona Bamberg brewpubs by MARK ANDERSEN on  2020-03-23 14:04:34
                     Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-24 09:38:28
                       Corona Bamberg brewpubs by MARK ANDERSEN on  2020-03-24 13:49:02
                       Corona Bamberg brewpubs by MARK ANDERSEN on  2020-03-24 13:49:03
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