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Bicycle around Bamberg
Posted by FredW on 2020-02-12 08:48:19
I am a big fan of Wagner Kemmern (but don't open until 3pm weekdays, IIRC)  I also like Fischer Freudeneck, though the beer was better 10 years ago (still decent). Sonne Mursbach is great but that is a bit of a longer haul. An Binkert/Main Seidla in Breiteng├╝ssbach is solid for beer but I don't know about food (never eaten there)
                   Bicycle around Bamberg by Sol on  2020-02-12 09:14:35
                   Bicycle around Bamberg by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2020-02-12 13:30:53
                     Bicycle around Bamberg by Sol on  2020-02-12 13:59:58
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