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Glenk, Bayreuth brewing again?
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-01-31 04:59:22
I'm sure that they exist because I've seen reports of them but I can't think of one rural pub in this area that is anything but a pub.  Like most rural pubs in the UK (and town ones as well), they tend to be closed during the day, except at weekends.  Our local CAMRA branch had a bus trip around rural north Wales a few months ago on a Saturday and, with a few exceptions, it was really quite tricky with opening hours.  I think that we visted 10 or 11 places and all were just pubs - all selling food and the odd one with acommodation - this is a 'holiday area', of course.

It's no different really in Ireland.  The multi-pourpose Irish pub was really a feature of small towns (probably be classed as villages in the UK).  When I first went to Miltown Malbay (small town in Co Clare, pop. less than a thousand), there were 28 places licenced to sell alcohol but most weren't pubs as such and some served alcohol only on rare occasions.  They might have been a grocer's shop that had a partition in one corner where they sold the odd bottle of Guinness (it was mainly bottled stuff in such places, often bottled by the owner) and there were one or two where the owners had other occupations ( even a couple of undertakers!).  Now, I think that there are only 7 or 8 that survive, mainly by providing food and hospitality (a couple are small hotels).  The last truly rural pub that I can think of in Co Clare that doubled as gorcery/general store was Gleeson's, which was a fmaous music pub in a tiny settlement called Coore.  It closed in 2004.

I'm afraid that, as in Franken, rural pubs are still closing in both Britain and Ireland, hence the ongoing campaigns by Camra to keep them open.
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