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Problems at Hebendanz?
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-01-26 04:58:20
Deja-vu!  I remeber going to Hebandanz one Monday morning in the twilight years of the owner who was reputed to be a former Stasi man. 'Twas a lovely day and we sat outside enjoying a few Seidlas of excellent beer.  Neder was, sadly, closed for summer hols so I think that we meandered off to Roppelt for the afternoon.

The following morning, we were greeted with a closed Hebendanz and a sign on the door not disimilar to the one posted here.  We walked around the back and, fortunately, the brewery was still working.  We talked with a couple of staff members who told us we could drink the beer at Schloessle (? spelling), which we did for a few years until the Hebendanz bar re-opened.  Sadly, one visit was enough but, since then, Neder has provided as much good beer (and a strange form of entertainment) as anyone could desire!
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