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Posted by AndyH on 2019-11-25 06:39:08
Sounds like my experience, earlier in the year. Surly service, occasionally actively rude, and beer drinkers being treated like second class citizens compared with diners. Not that as diners you're treated particularly well.

As a beer tourist it's not possible to eat a meal in every pub.
     Munich  by Carl on  2019-11-25 11:57:16
       Munich  by Barry Taylor on  2019-11-26 01:53:48
         Munich  by AndyH on  2019-11-26 07:53:14
           Munich  by FredW on  2019-11-26 08:00:49
             Munich  by AndyH on  2019-11-27 01:28:01
               Munich  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2019-11-27 03:21:34
               Munich  by Barm on  2019-11-27 07:31:40
                 Munich  by AndyH on  2019-11-27 08:20:11
                 Munich  by AndyH on  2019-11-27 08:20:52
                   Munich  by Jason  on  2019-11-27 14:07:08
                     Munich  by Barry Taylor on  2019-11-28 00:54:38
                     Munich  by AndyH on  2019-11-28 01:39:19
                       Munich  by Jason on  2019-11-28 01:57:40
                         Munich  by AndyH on  2019-11-28 02:09:29
                           Munich  by Jason on  2019-11-28 02:39:50
                         Munich  by Barm on  2019-11-28 06:59:44
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