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Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from
Posted by Jason on 2019-11-11 02:39:45
It's very unfortunate that you haven't liked Hummel, Wagner or Hoelzlein. Not everyone likes all 3 (I do) but I loosely presume that msot people like at least 1 of those. Certainly 3 of the most consistent breweries over the years I've been here. 

I would remove Rittmayer, Krug and St. Georgen from that last list. Average quality relative to those mentioned above. Held-Braue is good. Sonnen-Braue Muersbach and Brauerei Sonne Bischberg are both good to excellent. 

Persoanlly I've always been slightly underwhelmed by Elch-Braue (though I like the place) and much more by Knoblach which has a cult following of Italian and Scandanavians which I've never understood. Drummer in Lauterbach and Klosterbraue Weissenohe (excepting my last visit where the beer was excellent) haven't been favourites. Goeller in Drosendorf is hit and miss and Drei-Kronen in Memmesldorf is somewhere i've only been once. 
                   Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by Barry Roy Taylor on  2019-11-11 07:53:01
                     Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by AndyH on  2019-11-11 08:35:31
                     Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by Jason  on  2019-11-11 11:52:19
                       Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by Barry Taylor on  2019-11-12 01:52:30
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