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Life Updates (was Annafest)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-08-14 00:57:55
Are you not working these days Jim, ? Me neither. Have to fix that. 

Big changes coming, and I'm not one that deals with change well. Imma move back to the US, maybe within 2 months. Mrs is likely going to follow me. 

But...where? And to do what? I was a mfg engineer -cum- application developer (back when "application" didn't mean something on your phone) in my previous, pre-German life, then English "teacher" part-time in Erlangen for a good 8 years or so.

I don't want to go back to programming, nor would it be very easy, having been out of it for 15 years. Or...would it, Fred? My last gig was doing VisualBasic (and Borland C++) user interfaces to Oracle and MS databases to track automated and manually-entered production data. Maybe there's legacy support work to be done that I could pick up? 

Although I cooked and washed dishes in high school and college, I never waited tables. That actually has its appeal now: dealing with people rather than computers, being up and on my feet rather than sitting (developed psiatica whilst programming), earing tips. Should be theoretically easy to find work.

Texas? Lived in Houston as a kid for a couple of years when Dad was getting post-doctoral training in medical physics, after having been let go at NASA in New Orleans, when Nixon cut the budget for the research he was working on (effects of zero gravity on bone density or some such rocket science). Houston was where I had about the most fun as a kid, I guess, after New Orleans. I'd lived in KS, PA, LA, TX, and MN by the age of 9, so moved around a lot. Not an army brat, but a physics brat.

NOLA would be interesting, but too humid. I want near-desert conditions, and so I'm thinking of west Texas. A small city rather than a big one.

ARE THERE ANY TEXANS ON HERE? If so, suggest a city to consider! I have great memories of childhood fun in San Antonio when we visited my aunt & uncle there, but they're long gone and I have no relatives there. A dream would be to open a TX BBQ place, or a butcher's. (Sorry veggies--health comes first!)

Another issue is my 2001 Toyota Sequoia, which I stupidly imported when I returned here in November. It is STILL in limbo because of the headlights. I am sorely tempted to just eat the loss and ship it back for $3-4k and get it registered in the US again. Its Nevada registration will have expired by the time I get around to shipping it, I fear.

AFA beer goes, I'm averaging about 2 US pints or less a day now (80 cl) of Koelsch and Bitburger. Sorry about that. I would actually go sober entirely, but don't have much to do with my time, nor people to do it with. I've gotten into the habit of spending too much time down the pub in the evening.

I miss Erlangen. Ah well, I miss lots of things.
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