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10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen)
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2018-11-27 05:54:39
Sorry to contradict but I think that some Zoigl stub'e owners might oblige, if possible, in filling a container with Zoigl but you will have to fit in with them.

However, I totally agree with Jason that it really isn't worthwhile.  Jason's recent experience was with a really excellent Zoigl - at the Zoiglstub'n - but which was pretty dead when he tried it a few days later.  OTOH, a friend of mine reasonably regularly takes Zoigl back with him to the Erzgebirge and says that it is ok for a few days.  It's your choice but I agree with Jason, just go and enjoy what's on offer.  It's tricky because you can only catch 2 or 3 places in one weekend visit, which is what led us into going for long periods - 4 - 8 weeks!
           10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by JP on  2018-11-27 15:26:53
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