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The rot continues... Brauerei Wichert no longer brewing
Posted by M. Berger on 2018-10-23 02:42:29
I see you left out the preface to the sentence: "Although it's got nothing to do with brewing or beer..."

As it happens, I know about Hitler's early life and I know that his father often beat the young Hitler because both father and son were strong-willed and both had different ideas about what young Hitler should become later in life.

When surnames were given out in the medieval time, many of these surnames described a profession, such as Müller (miller),  Schmidt (blacksmith), Schneider (tailor) Schulz (guard), Metzger (butcher), Bauer, (farmer), Zimmerman (carpenter),etc. While these names described the profession of the father, it was conventional at the time that the children would carry on the father's profession. Hitler's story is an example of that tradition. Other surnames included a place, such as Frankfurter, Berliner, Koelner, etc. since people at that time did not move around as much as we do today.

When the Bierbraurechten (brewing licenses) were given out in the early middle ages,  they were given to buildings, not to people. Why? Because the people would die and the recht would die with them. Buildings, OTOH, could last and do last for centuries, which would mean long-term availability of beer. Of course, that assumed (correctly for many centuries) that the family of the father would carry on brewing or that the house might be sold in the future to a family that would be interested in the profession.

I once found a real estate company in Germany, that let you search for homes that included a Bierbraurecht - meaning, you could buy the house and without any further administrative permission,  begin brewing.
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