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Krug, Geisfeld closes
Posted by Barm on 2018-10-15 03:12:12
You might well prefer Krug beer to Kitzmann beer (I think I probably would too) but it is wrong to counterpose Kitzmann as “nothing” in comparison. They are both aspects of the same sad phenomenon.

I think it’s very sad when a larger town loses its "own" brewery, one that – and I think this is the distinguishing feature – supplied significant numbers of outlets beyond its own brewery tap, sponsored the local festivals or football team, and “prägt das Stadtbild” – in a way that cannot be compensated by a couple of guys setting up in their garage to brew IPAs.

I have always found it comforting to arrive in a town and see that the beer is different, but nonetheless ubiquitous, to see the Hofbräu signs on restaurants in Würzburg, Brauhaus signs in Schweinfurt and Kitzmann in Erlangen (and I am old enough to remember Hiernickel in Hassfurt and Werner in Poppenhausen too). It doesn’t really matter if I thought the beers were especially good, that's not the point. The average citizens of these places are now all drinking Kulmbacher instead (whether they realise it or not).

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