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Beer at Reindl
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-10-09 06:04:15
I've never been there but now I'm curious based on this discussion.  

Isn't it possible that when the first changed breweries that produced the wort that the beer was not good but they have since improved?  It may have just taken some time to get things sorted out.

If Juergen has been there fairly recently and says the beer was great I'd be very surprised if it was not.

I think Barry has got the right idea.  It may require a once over.

                                                               Beer at Reindl by barry on  2018-10-09 09:24:39
                                                                 Beer at Reindl by Mark Andersen on  2018-10-09 12:18:31
                                                                   Beer at Reindl by Barry on  2018-10-10 01:14:01
                                                                     Beer at Reindl by Mark Andersen on  2018-10-10 03:33:16
                                                                       Beer at Reindl by barry on  2018-10-10 04:42:12
                                                                         Beer at Reindl by AndyH on  2018-12-05 03:50:00
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