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"Real" ungespundetes Kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2018-08-04 02:19:49
In a word, no. And I didn't even know that Buettner did that. By the way a really great place for a beer, not too far from Bamberg. Only open Fri-Sun. 

The thing is, not all kellerbier is ungespundetes. This is where lines get blurry. And actually I can't think of too many breweries that actually call their beer Ungespundetes. Mahrs, Spezial, Wagner (M'dorf) and Knoblach spring to mind. Mahr U (let's not get into that again) may have some CO2 bled off but then it's served under gas pressure in the pub so what would be the point. Steffen Michel knows better of course. 

So if it doesn't come out of a barrel gravity poured then it can't be Ungespundetes? Hard to say. I stopped off for a feierabend beer yesterday in the Prechtel Keller in Uehlfeld and the kellerbier was poured from keg. But with the pressure down low. It was excellent. Spezial U is poured from the tanks, therefore the gas is natural, but it's quite high. I wouldn't call it a kellerbier. Too much carbonation. And it's not 'Kupferfarben'. The beer at the Muehlendorf Keller is a perfect fit: copper coloured, dry, very low in CO2 and served from the barrel. It could be an U, but they don't advertise it as one. 

Finally, I cannot imagine any brewery opens the 'spund' from February until May. Nice story though. 
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