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Real ungespundetes kellerbier
Posted by Barry on 2018-08-04 02:55:36
Just like Zoigl then? I have had the good fortune to sample, several times, Zoigl brewed by a house brewer in The Kommunbrauhaus in Neuhaus.  It was taken basically as wort to his neighbours cellar, yeast (from Wurth in Eschawo) added and then lagered for about 3 months.

The only problem was that it was kept during the final stages under a light covering of Co2; my friend explained that he was not able to drink it all as quickly as he thought needed (I could have helped more, if asked) before gradual deterioration. Nevertheless, it was excellent and not particularly different from the Zoigl of the best in Neuhaus, i.e. Kaeck'n and Teicher (perhaps also Lingl?).
       Real ungespundetes kellerbier by Jason  on  2018-08-06 03:58:38
         Real ungespundetes kellerbier by barry on  2018-08-06 05:01:56
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             Real ungespundetes kellerbier by Barm on  2018-09-03 04:43:40
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