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Changes in opening hours
Posted by Mike on 2018-08-03 00:40:43
Yes, I'm aware that a family-run brewery may ask another party to run part of their service separately, but if you go here: and click on brauerei, you'll see that "gasthof, biergarten, bierkeller" are all listed. And if you click on Service and then on "Kontakt/Impressum", you' ll see that Peter Greiss (the brewer) is responsible for the content of the website. I presume that if the Keller were separate from the brewery it would not be listed on the site and that someone other than Peter Greiss would be listed as responsible for it.
             Changes in opening hours by Barry on  2018-08-03 02:52:07
               Changes in opening hours by Jason  on  2018-08-03 03:04:44
                 Changes in opening hours by Gunnar H on  2018-08-03 04:34:08
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