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Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-07-31 11:56:05
Welcome Brian.  Well as a homebrewer from Cape Cod I can hardly hold that against you.

I think it's great that you're going to make a visit there.  My first visit in 2007 was inspirational to say the least since prior to that when I thought of German beer I mostly thought of Helles, Dunkel, and Weizen and very little else in between.  I didn't realize how much variety there was in Franconia and how flavorful the beers would be.  I hadn't even had the luxury of being able to try a Schlenkerla in the bottle before I went.  Of course I've been hooked on Franconia ever since.

Where this may be your only trip there for a while I hope you get to put enough time aside for the trip so that you'll also be able to visit some of the countryside breweries.  My first trip I only went for 3 days and that was hardly enough for Bamberg alone.  If you're going to go next summer I also suggest you consider the latter half of July so you can go to Canalissimo in Bamberg and also Annafest in Forchheim as part of the trip.  And if you are there at that time you'll most likely run into this Cape Cod homebrewer.
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