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OT: Rom
Posted by Jason on 2018-06-28 05:22:18
Those of you familiar with the world of craft beer will know that Rome has developed a small obsession with Franconian beer. Largely thanks to a personal friend of mine and occasional poster on this forum Manuelle of Ma Che siete Venturi a da in trastevere. He always has a couple of Franconian beers on draft, brought fresh from around Bamberg, tapped quickly and emptied quicker. The other day was Elch bräu Pils and knoblach U, both tasted great, even though knoblach isn’t a favorite (but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it). 

When i first came here in 2009, I don’t think anywhere else apart from manuelle had Franconian draft beer. Now it’s quite common, even if not on draft there are Krugs on display in a number of places and even Keller beers brewed in Italy. Down solely to 1 pub, a book on Franconia in Italian and a great Franconian beer fest in March - all thanks to 1 guy in Rome and his Italian delivery man who resides in monchsambach for half the year. Quite a story. 

Consequently rome is one of Europe’s best bier scenes. It’s not easy, it’s hot, it’s big and full of cars and people plus the prices are high for everything. There are a lot of hoppy beers, sours and funky stuff - I enjoy those styles in small doses nowadays. But there are a lot of small breweries in the country now and the quality is very high. 

When in Rome... drink beer. 
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