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Reinheitgebot et al
Posted by Mike on 2018-05-25 01:19:47
During the middle ages in Germany, there was no Germany, rather just towns, bishoprics and other areas were a prince or duke or king ruled. IAC, during this time, many of these places establish Brauordnungen (or brewing rules). Many of these rules involved the ingredients of beer, ie, what was allowed and what was not. But there were exceptions.

For example, on 21 June 1156 the town of Augberg passed a rule that anyone serving beer that is bad or less than the required Maß could be punished by the town. Punishing during the middle ages, could be pretty cruel, so this was not likely a small fine.

My personal favourite (sorry its in one of the books I've downloaded and can't locate at the moment) is that dancing is forbidden in a brewery. The rule does say that women are allowed in a brewery, but don't dance with them.

When I find the book again, I'll try to post more.
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