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German craft brewer's opinions on Franconian beer scene
Posted by Jason on 2018-05-14 08:43:52
I mean, to try to zoom out of personal taste a little, people have to remember that the modern 'craft beer' phonomenon is a reaction to decades of average beer. American and British brewing had been decimated at various points in history leaving the consumer with a fairly boring landscape of choice (notable exceptions aside). The same goes for most other modern markets. Therefore there was a vacuum which has been filled. This has happened in Berlin of course, where 10-15 years ago the beer landscape was very different. People's tastes have changed and now they want less quantity and more flavour and variety. 

In Franconia this hasn't happened. So where is the need? Where are the protests in the villages and towns around Bamberg calling for more variety and styles? Why are the breweries and beer gardens packed with people?

Why does beer have to be the centre of the conversation? What's is wrong with it being traditional in style in a place where it belongs? And if you'd really earned your stripes in this region like a number of us on this forum you'd know that variety exists. And as for greatness, well i'm a firm believer that the greatest things are also the most simple. 

It's not perfect in Franken. But unlike craft beer, a relative speck of dust on the history of this great beverage, Franconian breweries have been doing their thing for centuries. Yes they need to modernise and try to be a little bit innovative to keep up with demand, but bottom line is I'll wager they'll be around long after breweries like Orca have disappeared.
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