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German craft brewer's opinions on Franconian beer scene
Posted by jason on 2018-05-17 07:22:02
In all fairness, you've given 1 example. And he's young. What's the average age of the Franconian brewer? Between 50-60 I would guess (and I live here btw). Most of them wouldn't have been able to travel to the East since birth to 1991. 

Regards to Berliner Weisse, it's an interesting discussion, but with respect, as soon as you say you had Schuss then you lost me - nothing wrong with that but combined with 'many years ago' it would almost be impossible to find the same taste even if it was still brewed. The Schuss has probably changed as well, nevermind your taste buds. Maybe it was better, but perhaps some beers are better now with modern equipment and access to information etc. 

I know I'm partial to complain every now and again but we really have to take a step back and see what we have. For me in Bamberg, I can visit 1 different brewery every other day for a year. Next month I'll be in Rome, Berlin and Barcelona trying beers from all corners of the spectrum I'm sure. I'm 3 hours from Prague, one of the greatest beer cities in the world, and I can drink Pilsner Urquell exclusively for a few days or mix it up with something more edgy in over 100 pubs, bars, breweries and shops. Last weekend I was in the Black Country drinking bitter. 

When that Berliner Weisse you had was brewed I can guarentee that places like Berlin, Rome, Barcelona and pretty much most cities without an ingrained beer culture would have been beer deserts. All i'm saying is let's not be too nostalgic - a number of people on this forum will remember the dark days, and they aren't now :)
               German craft brewer's opinions on Franconian beer scene by Mike on  2018-05-19 02:11:27
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