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German craft brewer's opinions on Franconian beer scene
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2018-06-02 01:53:41
Felix vom Endt / Orca Brau offers traditional, franconian/German l beerstyles p.e. Kellerbier and a Maibock, collab brews with Sebastian Sauer, brewed at the Brauhaus Binkert in Breiteng├╝├čbach. He brews at the Orca Brau in Nuremberg tradional, international beer styles p.e. differnt versions of ipas.

But he also brews "creative" beers, p.e a "Juicy Grape Ale" saison mit sylvaner traubensaft, collab mit olingerwein 6,2%. This is a modern beerstyle from Italy.
Or "lotusland", a hibiscus ale mit sumach.

In the first 17 months he has brewed 42 different beers, a coloruful bouquet of beerstyles trditional as well as "creative".
             German craft brewer's opinions on Franconian beer scene by jason on  2018-06-02 02:23:25
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