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Bock Bier
Posted by Euromann on 2018-03-31 23:32:23
Calculators may be an approximation but then the mathematical formula you're using RE not shown to determine your ability to calculate witha ccuracy. Clearly other web sites believe their calculators are accurate just as you believe you mathetical formula calculations were accurate.

Gerhard has made a statement that bock beers are greater than 16º.
Then Gerhard states that dopplebock is greater than 18º

However, you don't care to address the ambiguity is his comment. Based on that comment a  bock beer can be both conditions:
Greater than 16º AND greater than 18º

Obviosuly it's an inconsitency that I was asking Gerhard to  confirm versus having a new issue complaining about spelling. Never do you complain abotu Gerhard's spelling.......jsut saying!

So instead of Gerhard getting a chance to resolve his comment your now criticizing a calculator you haven't evaluated.

If bock beer > 16º  and a dopplebock is greater than 18º based on Gerhard's comment then it's possible a bock beer can be greater than 18º becausse Gerhard did not define when a bock is not a dopplebock.

Goal should be to list offical Bock beers.  If you believe all the information is inaccurate on the internet then it's hard to qualify any formulas or calculators.

With so much inconsitency on the internet and within the blogs including the Franconian Beer Guide,  I would think you should  show more patience to identify offical beers verus negating a calulator that you do not have specifications to know the approximation offsets.

So, which beers are officlaly bock beers and what justification or metric do you use to  
confirm this?

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