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Bambergtrip - sone questions
Posted by Sol on 2018-03-12 10:41:26
Thanks. I agree with you on Merkendorf: I have been there three times. In the vicinity of Bamberg I have not been to: Knoblach, Brauerei H√łnig, Eichhorn and Rossdorf am Forst so after both what you and Jason said; maybe I should visit both breweries, but It depends on time and weather. I will absolutely follow your advise on Neder when we visit Forcheim. Thanks!
           Bambergtrip - sone questions  by barry on  2018-03-12 11:02:20
             Bambergtrip - sone questions  by TomM on  2018-03-12 11:36:42
               Bambergtrip - sone questions  by Jason  on  2018-03-12 11:49:31
                 Bambergtrip - sone questions  by barry on  2018-03-12 15:57:52
                   Bambergtrip - sone questions  by TomM on  2018-03-12 16:42:21
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