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Bambergtrip - sone questions
Posted by Gunnar H on 2018-03-13 08:22:53
Another problem: the first bus from Bamberg to Tiefenellern arrives 13.39. With a transfer in Schesslitz you can get there six minutes earlier. Too little time to enjoy beer.
Another option: relatively frequent buses to Schammelsdorf, so you can get your IBU kick at Knoblach. Then walk 50 minutes to Lohndorf (Hölzlein and Reh), 40' to Melkendorf (Winkler now only serves Fässla and Mahrs beers), 40' to Geisfeld (Krug and Griess), 30' to Rossdorf am Forst (Sauer). Bus back to Bamberg at 18.00. 13.5 km.
Some hills to pass between Lohndorf and Melkendorf and between Melkendorf and Reisfeld. Not too steep though.
If you miss the Rossdorf bus, then an hour's walk will take you to the station in Strullendorf with hourly train service (6' past the hour) into Bamberg. After all that beer, maybe make it an hour and a half...
                 Bambergtrip - sone questions  by Gunnar H on  2018-03-13 08:55:47
                 Bambergtrip - sone questions  by Carl on  2018-03-13 19:04:01
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