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Bambergtrip - sone questions
Posted by barry on 2018-03-13 07:32:14
Just looked at the map in the PDF - even blown up, the precise directions are not so clear.  Just looking at the Wanderreitkarte, much more informative, must see what it looks like on my smartphone.

The directions Brauereien-Weg might be shaved a little.  I'm not sure whether it's any quicker going on the Schotterweg from Schammelsdorf to Tiefernellern than just taking the road and cutting off before you get to Litzendorf.  Hard to know without doing it.  

I would definitely think of taking the bus to Schammelsdorf, then Tief., Lohndorf, Grisfeld (specially Krug!), Rossdorf and on to Strullendorf.  Have to check bus times and opening hours but I think that would be a nice walk - as a compromise, I'd go direct Tief and do Memmelsdorf (Hoenig only), Schammels., and Merkendorf by 907 bus another day.  Choices! Choices! 
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