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Hummel Bier Abend
Posted by Jason on 2018-03-03 06:24:36
The popular Bier Abend (beer evening) at Hummel will take place this year on Wednesday 30th May. Mark’s admirer will be but one of the sorry people that he won’t be attending this year. 

If anyone else is in bamberg I recommend a visit. 11 beers on draft including 1 special, music, food and general beer fest paraphernalia. It may require a taxi back but it’s worth it. 
   Hummel Bier Abend  by Andrew H on  2018-03-03 09:13:37
   Hummel Bier Abend  by Mark Andersen on  2018-03-03 09:36:25
     Hummel Bier Abend  by barry on  2018-03-03 13:11:17
     Hummel Bier Abend  by David on  2018-03-05 02:48:25
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