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Wheat beers
Posted by Jason on 2018-03-09 04:47:50
You're welcome. I would be cautious about saying "many of these wheat beers". It isn't uncommon but it's also not the norm. 

I am 99% sure that Mahrs does not brew anything for Gutmann (which is roughly 4 x as big by output). Whether they are brewed elsewhere I'm not sure, but I wouldn't necessarily rule out it being brewed at Gutmann. 

Cuckoo brewing is of course very popular these days outside of Germany... I'm not sure I'm too bothered as long as there is a logic behind it. 

Interestly i heard yesterday from a local friend that Fassla have brewed a Kellerbier to an original Brauerei Doppel recipe for the Ahornskeller which they have recently taken over. Br. Doppel was a short lived brewery from the 60s from the same family that owned Kaiserwirt (bombed out and closed in 1945). I'm not sure of the connection to Ahornskeller which was connected to Brauerei Einhorn - perhaps the recipes aren't available. My friend said the recipe hasn't helped Fassla's usual standard so I have low expectations. Sums up the general attitude to Fassla beer among Bamberg's beer fraternity. 
                   Wheat beers  by TomM on  2018-03-09 05:25:42
                     Wheat beers  by Jason on  2018-03-10 04:52:56
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