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Posted by Jason on 2018-02-16 00:09:25
Hi Mads,

The opening hours are uptodate. 

As for their message, I can kind of understand, if the reasons behind are what i believe they are (i.e.. I'm pretty sure it isn't some form of racial discrimination). It's a small village and the brewery open days are a community get together - everyone knows each other. They have very limited capacity and a lot of local customers so they cannot brew enough for their regulars. I had to order 6 bottles 1 month in advance.

So a group of 'foreigners' come wanting to buy beer to take away is not something they welcome. Just show up, drink a beer and move on, I'm pretty sure this will be fine. 

Beer tourists are not always welcome, we should remember that. Some people have a view that they are 'helping' these breweries to survive by giving them custom - very noble, but not the case. Heckel closes Saturday evenings April-October because they don't want drunken groups coming in after tourng the local breweries for example. Big groups are discouraged because they disturb the ecosystem of the pub. Understandable. 

Outside of Bamberg it's the locals that sustain the breweries, not inquisitive foreigners. 
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