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Mahr’s U is basically Bass, isn’t it?
Posted by Jason on 2018-01-29 10:40:38
I think that the conclusion to this little discussion is variety. As Tom said, if i lived in Dudley i would drink a lot of Bathams but I would also want to try other beers, probably regularly. 

It's another topic entirely but the problem comes when landlords do not cater for every taste. It's hard, especially with real ale and the challenges as a modern landlord, but having 5 hand pumps and 5 of them are dispensing pale, hoppy beers is not variety, and it's killing traditional styles (the same applies to strength, a good range is important). Again, it's a challenge ordering the beers, rotating them in the cellar and planning ahead, but the best landlords put the time and thought in. 

It's interesting, I learned recently that historically German beers were weaker than today, around 4-4.5%. And Weizenbocks were a pitiful 5.3%-5.5%. From Ron Pattinson so, a reliable source. I recall (though I may be wrong) that it was down to lower attenuation (perhaps obviously), I'm guessing due to rudimentary brewing equipment. It would explain why the Czechs still brew low gravity beers and indeed that their premium strength beers are a few degrees lower than the German equivalent. But this is getting into science and serious beer history, niether of which i am qualified to speak of.  
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