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Posted by Jason on 2018-01-12 02:31:38
I knew that you would ask that question Barry... no, in Prague I've seen it actually more expensive which makes little sense aside from ripping off tourists (in the otherwise good Lokal chain). In Bamberg I'm not sure as we paid together. I imagine it's the same price as technically it is not 'for sale' in Klosterbrau, only Igor does it for people he knows or who ask for it.

I wouldn't drink a Milka often, but it helps to understand how important the tapping of beer is. Milka aside, the head on a beer is so important; it offers protection to the freshness of the product. Like the fine foam atop a well made cappuccino, it should sit atop the liquid and the drinker should drink 'through' it, not the two together. For this to happen it has to be lighter than the liquid, with extremely fine bubbles protecting one another from the air. This can only be acheived by driving almost all of the carbonation from the liquid into the head, leaving the actual beer soft and smooth, not fizzy and prickly.

This happens naturally when pouring real ale or beer from gravity (plus with only a fraction of CO2), but from 'keg' it needs special skill to tap. Plus scrupulously clean lines and cold, wet glassware. Any grease or dust will completely disrupt the head formation. I hate it at home when I forget to rinse my glass or there is some residual grease and the beer foams up, all the carbonation is gone and you're left with a flat, unappetising mess. 

As for drinking beer from the bottle or can... well i do sometimes if i'm out or at a party but it really isn't the way to drink beer. 
       Klosterbrau by Mosquit on  2018-01-12 04:31:15
         Klosterbrau by Mads (Dollewaitor) on  2018-01-14 08:23:25
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