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Plans for 2018
Posted by Jason on 2018-01-09 07:17:52
True, but it's not quite the same in winter, even in southern Spain. But yeah, better than here. Just moved house so budget strings are tightening. 

The thing is there is this 'weather line' that seems to split Bavaria north/south of the Donau. In winter they get predominently sunnier weather near the mountains while up here there's a roof on. And it seems the opposite in summer. Of course this is just a feeling rather than being based on any facts at all (though it's a trend for sure). And I could drive down to the mountains on the weekend which i may do Saturday as the weather looks sunny. But then driving and sitting in the sun with a radler or worse? No fun is it. 

I know, hard life. But even biervana has it's downsides. 
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