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Festive Greetings!
Posted by barry on 2017-12-20 09:50:30
Oh good, I can clopy your greetings in German and use it for all my German friends!

Shropshire actually but only just over the border from Staffs!  Well done, should have known that you would guess.  I admire your choices for a seasonal tipple, loved Kaiser when I went there with Ronnie and John earlier this year on the way to the excellent Zehendner.  Nice people and excellent beer.  Unterbibert and Michelsbach definitely Juergen territory.  Pity that it's so difficult to visit Adler because the Schmetzer beer is excellent.  Have to see whether Juergen can wangle a visit to their tasting room next year.  

No problem with Eichorn Dunkel either, seem to remember that it was pretty good when we went a couple of years ago (don't think that it was last year).  No argument with any of their beers, only the atmosphere in the Gestaette (better than 'Stube'?) can be a bit cold at times.

Alte Seilerei appears to be some sort of club?  The offer of a sofa bed could be interesting - and tempting, might be a rash offer!

So, enjoy your festive season with parents, actually, 20 litres over the period is just a sip for you;I wonder if your dad will get a look in!  See you next year.
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