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Heller Bocks
Posted by barry on 2017-12-08 09:31:55
Ok, took me a minutes to work out what you meant by 'ship' - at first, I thought that you were referring to a vessel, then I twigged (gosh, how would you explain that!) that it was -ship as a conditional or demonstrative suffix.

Mannschaft for team is interesting: its root suggests that, in its origins, a team was considered a masculine affair, though I understand that it is a femine noun - how odd.  It's interesting that German uses an adjective to denote a female team - why not say Frauschaft?  German is good at combining several nouns to make a new noun - such as all the famous examples, such as Unterseeboot, etc, whereas as English just swipes a few words from Latin or Greek, as in submarine.

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