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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by barry on 2017-11-17 12:01:24
I've stayed in that area a number of times - actually, in Ebensfeld.  Bad Staffelstein is a pleasant little place, nothing really special, apart from the baths.  The church (I assume that you mean Vierzehnheiligen) is about 7kms out of town, quite a walk, but you can get a local bus, which takes about 20 minutes from the railway station.  Otherwise, it's a not especially scenic walk along the Main Valley until you start climbing and it is a big hill!  Once, you're there, the brewery is just beyond the church.  After that, you can proceed to the breweries that Jason mentioned.

It's a bit complicated (but not impossible) to to combine all  the breweries mentioned - it's a pretty long walk if you're going to walk the whole thing - maybe 30 kms?  I'm not sure that Jason intended that or was thinking of a bike ride.  

The scenery is lovely up the hill to Vierzehn and back down via Uetzing, etc., after that, you're mainly in the Main Valley again, which is pretty nice but not especially spectacular.  As for the beer, every one of those breweries is pretty good, apart from Thomann in Wiesen but you have got Hellmuth there as a compensation.

As I've said, I know the area pretty well, as, of course, do my distinguished colleagues on this site, so ask away!
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