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Gnodstadt and Spielbach
Posted by barry on 2017-11-13 04:15:47
It was really the difference in brewing techniques that I was refering to - the difference between brewing ale and lagered beer, simple 'one step' mash versus decoction, etc.  I watched the two step brewing process in Eschawo many times and it's really time consuming and quite complex.  Ok, the Zoigl brewers do it by the 'seats of their pants' but they have been doing it for decades and centuries.  I think the use kuhlschips and the like just prove that it's not really so precise an art and that, given time and a bit of experience, anyone can learn to brew.

Of course, another factor is the whole lagering process, which takes so much time, occupying valuable equipment for months (or, at least, it should do!).  I agree with you about the ingredients (think that I mentioned yeast and malt?).  These have changed and probably improved greatly over the last few years.

However, my observations of the brewing scene in Britain have lead me to conclude that many of the newer microbrewers have not truly mastered the 'art' yet, as I have had a lot of quite iffy beers from them.
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