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Gnodstadt and Spielbach
Posted by Jason on 2017-11-14 04:56:24
Pointless measure but it’s quite good for what it is. I used it in the year before I moved here. It helps with vocabulary but the grammar still needs an old fashioned book to read and re read about sentence structure, rules, cases and dreaded declension tables.

tip: learn the model verbs - können (kann), sollen (should), dürfen (allow), wollen (want) and müssen (must - but stronger than the English variant). Of course you need the conjugated versions (ich) kann, soll, darf, will and muss etc. Plus pass tenses, könnten (could), sollten (should), dürften (allowed), wollten (wanted) and mussten (had to). And their conjugated versions könnte, sollte, dürfte, wollte and musste. 

With these the rules are consistent and simple: verb to the end , unconjufated eg. ich will nach Bamberg fahren. Once you get the hang of these, plus werden (same rule re sentence structure), you can have a lot of simple yet understandable conversations about a lot of things. 
             Gnodstadt and Spielbach by barry on  2017-11-14 06:08:09
               Gnodstadt and Spielbach by Jason  on  2017-11-14 06:49:30
                 Gnodstadt and Spielbach by barry on  2017-11-14 07:24:37
                   Gnodstadt and Spielbach by Nick B. on  2017-11-14 08:42:31
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