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January dilemna
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-11-05 08:16:32
Yes, I'm into the Apple mobile phones even with all of their problems.  Europe is exclusively GSM frequency bands and some carriers are elimianting frequency bands upgrading to lower bands.  Problem is older phones(3-4 years and older) do not support the frequency band change due to modem limitations.

In the US, I have T-Mobile service with free international roaming so in Germany I switch over  Deutsch telecom. Majority of the time I get good reception with Iphone 6 but dropped a few times in Germany, a lot in Budapest, and limited in access in Slovakia.
Apple has been producing defective IPhones, which I have caught and returned:
IPhone 6 & 6S - defective Samsung A9 architecture chip caused excessive heat in packing reducing battery life.   Retunred my Iphone 6S under warranty.

IPhone 7 - water resistance protective coating caused signal static issues on 10% on Iphone 7 models.  Apple would not publicly admit so I just returned under warranty as all the people I claled coudl barely hear volume of voice.

Also since you’re in Europe using GSM frequency bands you're speed is slower versus the faster CDMA options in US.  One nice feature with GSM is not having to swap SIM chips with every country as once authenticated you can roam w/o switching into new SIMs.

But, T-Mobile who allows free international roaming has dropped the 1900 MHz frequency band, which my IPhone 6 modem is compatible with, replacing it with a 700 MHz Freq band that IPhone 6 does not support so now I get worse reception problems in some areas and in doors.

So every phone whether Apple or Samsung has trade-offs and require upgrades every 3 years to keep up with cell carriers.  Samsung Galaxy Note & batteries blew up.   Samsung also maufactured defective A9 architecture chips for Iphone in which Apple canceled Samsung as a vendor.  So Samsung has worse quality control problems than Apple.

All Mobile phones are very fragile products with poor quality construction with design limitations. Difficult to make a competent assessment of best phones since cell carriers are changing transmission options frequently.

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