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Sesslach and surroundings
Posted by barry on 2017-11-02 07:31:03
Remember it well - some young chap ran off into the night and left us oldies to fend for ourselves!

Ok, he had a good excuse, he was the only one who had to work the next day.  Retrospective thanks to Mark for the taxi, whose driver was a lady from Timisoara!

And, yes, Schroll is one of my favourites, wonderful beer and place.

Prattling?  Just keeping it going, it is a Stammtisch after all, even if it is virtual.  Seem to remember a lot of prattling about all sorts of things when we meet - that's life!  Please keep supplying us with those fascinating tit-bits about places that we are unlike to be able to visit - unless we know a friendly driver.
           Sesslach and surroundings by Carl on  2017-11-03 08:21:01
             Sesslach and surroundings by barry on  2017-11-04 07:48:28
               Sesslach and surroundings by Carl on  2017-11-04 11:50:27
                 Sesslach and surroundings by barry on  2017-11-04 13:28:59
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