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OT: A long weekend in the mountains
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-10-24 07:06:44
This is not in reply to anyone in particular but just my add on thoughts to the thread.  For me it's about balance.  Balancing out leisure (i.e. beer drinking is one such activity), physical fitness, and work.  Everyone is different.  I tend to gravitate more towards leisure obviously so my lifelong challenge is to balance that out with the right amount of physical fitness and work.  Whereas as others may be a "workaholic" or be a maniac about physical fitness.  Hey to each their own but I think if you balance your life out between these things you'll be fine.  I don't think any of them really will help us live longer.  From what I've seen living longer is a combination of common sense, genetics, and a bit of luck.  How many times have we seen the most physically fit person suddenly drop dead while the chain smoker and regular drinker lives into their 90's?  Not trying to downplay good physical fitness Nick because hey while it's no guarantee that you'll live any longer you'll at the very least feel better and more energetic with the years you do have left and that's worth something.

As far as the benefits of beer (well and pubs for that matter).  Like Jason and probably just about everyone on this forum it's been a big part of my travel.  I would not have travelled as much nor have visited many of the amazing places I've been without the incentive of finding good beer and pubs there to enjoy.  I've had friends ask me how I find some of these great places that I've been and I reply that it's easy.  First I find out where the good beer is and the rest just happens to fall in place.  There is a lot of truth to that.  For whatever reason great beer and pubs often go hand in hand with really beautiful and scenic places or at least interesting places.  And you tend to find good people too.  Most of the time the person you find across the table from you with a beer in their hand turns out to be someone you'll enjoy spending some time with.  There are exceptions of course.

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