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OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion!
Posted by Jason on 2017-10-11 10:33:10
Making one unique beer is great, but only because too many breweries can't manage to either brew a full range all at very good quality or 1 beer consistently. If Bathams did 4-5 beers that were all as good as the bitter I wouldn't complain. The best breweries in czechia do this - not on a wing and a prayer by any stretch. And of course there is barley and malt in Franken but Moravian malt is, I understand, considered the best. 

I don't remember the 60s, 70s or 80s but those tanks were basically huge kegs so it's not comparable to be honest, though interersting. Multi national corporations are ruled by the bottom line but they have to care for their customers, especially PU, because it's local market is very important. Anyway, that's another topic.

The Black Country was fantastic as always, the pick of the pubs being Ma Pardoe's (The Swann), Bull and Bladder (Vine), Sally's, Sarah's (the Beacon) and our host the Lamp. We started at Ma pardoe's at 11.30 and then went to the Vine at 3pm. We left at 9pm. Two pubs and I don't know how many beers... met a bunch of Bedfordshire Camra members on a bus trip in the Vine and I became a celebrity for an hour - 3 or 4 are regular Bamberg visitors. Also met by chance an old aquaintance from Peterborough beer festival. Small world. 

If i could have Czech beer served in Black Country pubs in Franconia... no that's not how it works, but in terms of perfection it wouldn't be far off. (Just joking Juergen)
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