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OT: Visit to Czechia 3
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-10-10 02:50:13
I jumped off the "as close to the brewery as possible" bandwagon a couple of decades ago. Empirical evidence of northern UK beer drunk in Kent (as well as N├╝rnberg!), east / west coast US beer drunk on opposite coasts...all points to attention at point of dispense being important, how far a beer has travelled being moot. 

Tankovna PU didn't seem markedly different to normal keg stuff when I was there. Others whose pallates I trust more than mine say the same; the only significant difference in PU perception is going to the unfiltered stuff at the brewery, where I've never been. Though I did have it at the big March Craftbier do in Munich a couple of times, dispensed from a wooden barrel by Braumeister Pavel (?) himself. And that was interesting, a bit hazy and less carbonated, but otherwise...meh.

Bottled (green glass, even!), canned, kegged, or tankovna (my understanding is it's the same beer as keg, serving from the bag means no CO2 introduced to replace beer drawn off being the main difference), PU seems the best beer of substantial character brewed by the largest conglomeration that I am aware of, but I'm pretty ignorant of which brewery's been bought by whom these days.
           OT: Visit to Czechia 3 by Jason  on  2017-10-10 03:31:15
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