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OT: Visit to Czechia 3
Posted by Jason on 2017-10-10 05:25:32
I am sure that the beer is the same, or at least brewed in the same place. It may be run by different people (hence the price difference). And it's Krcma... my mistake.  

Re the survey, that would refer to the beer served from the keg (or bottle). The Tankovna version (in U Hrocha for one) is not highly carbonated - I hate overly carbonated beer. 
         OT: Visit to Czechia 3 by Mosquit on  2017-10-10 05:37:40
           OT: Visit to Czechia 3 by Jason  on  2017-10-10 05:54:59
             OT: Visit to Czechia 3 by barry on  2017-10-10 06:04:45
               OT: Visit to Czechia 3 by Jason  on  2017-10-10 06:32:47
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