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Ot: back in the Obpfz!
Posted by Barry on 2017-09-25 05:33:24
Nice quiet, relaxing week, the highlight being a fantastic Stamtisch at the Weisse Schwann on Wednesday. Lovely to see so many old faces and friends. We drank a toast to Jacqueline, which was an emotional moment but really it was about maintaining the spirit of the occasion, with lots of fun and laughter.

Great to welcome Jason here on Friday, just a pity that he has a really bad cold, which curtailed his evening. Managed a couple in Zum Posterer, which is much better under its new management before trekking up to Kack'n, which, as usual, was in great form.

Jason now has a smart Audi, so we took a little trip out to Ploessberg and Riedl Brauerei on Saturday morning. Lovely, characterful place, full of men enjoying their Fruhschoppen. The Helles was a very well made beer but a bit bland for me.  We finished off tthe morning in Kramer-Wolff in Falkenburg. It was crowded and chaotic, as seems it's norm, but the Zoigl was excellent.  Then Jason had to return home to prepare himself for Sunday's big match.  It was a nice interlude and thanks for coming, just sorry that your cold should have dampened things down a bit.

Onto Sunday, and probably the highpoint of the week, a visit to Mitterteich and their Tag des Kommunbrauhaus.  I couldn't have wished for better company than Norbert Neugirg and Reinhardt 'Kitty' Futterer of Schafferhof. In the small world of Echte Zoigl, they are real celebrities, so I ended up being interviewed by the local paper and photographed with the Burgermeister!  We visited all three Zoiglstub'n and met the owners: Herr's Hartwich, Luggert and Oppl.  All the beer was in top form, with probably Hartwich as the pick of the bunch.  Strangely, Oppl seems to have grown ten-fold since my last visit here with Don and Cherie.

All in all, a lovely afternoon.  So, just the Binner Stamtisch tonight and then it's off to Czechoslovakia! See you tomorrow in Budjovice, Andy!
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