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Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen
Posted by Jason on 2017-09-18 01:35:38
Klub Malych was the same as always, very good. When you arrive in Plsen take the underground passage under the tracks. When you come out on the opposite side of the road is the street of the pub. 2 minutes. 

I didn't get your reply. In hindsight I could have picked you up from Nuernberg last Friday but i completely forgot you were flying in. 

Anyway, see you on Friday. 
       Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen  by Barry on  2017-09-18 05:12:49
         Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen  by Barry on  2017-09-18 08:44:25
           Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen  by Jason  on  2017-09-18 10:20:24
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